Types of GPS Tracking Available

It took tragedy to ensure that the public was ever able to use GPS. Originally it was intended to be used for the military and as a method of tracking during the cold war. However after an incident in which the USSR shot down a jet belonging to Korea, the United States chose to make this technology available to the public. The theory was that planes wouldn’t go off course anymore.

GPS has now been with us for so long that it is merely another part of our world. People rely on it constantly and the concept of a physical “map” is long gone. GPS tracking is one of the most useful ways to use a GPS and it works for both business and personal purposes!

Teenager Tracking

This is the personal way that GPS tracking is important. There are an immense amount of dangers that our children are facing. Teenagers especially will face potentially dangerous situations. There’s a lot of different ways you can track your children. The first most obvious way is through applications on their phone. However these are only useful as long as the phone is with the child and powered. There are specific gps trackers for your, or your teens vehicles. This helps in case they are carjacked or to track their location in general.

Now, tracking your child without their knowledge is at best a gray area. The reality is that tracking works best when you talk with them and work out a plan for them to use it in the case of emergency or potentially dangerous situations.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking is one of the most common and useful ways that a business can utilize GPS tracking. Businesses that are using vehicles and equipment are generally in movement. Fleet tracking allows you to determine where your assets are and where they are headed. Additionally it provides them with alternatives. A good piece of fleet tracking software will attempt to optimize your travel. It can optimize the order of locations your fleet needs to visit to minimize both travel time and travel distance. This will just save you money through the fuel you save. Fleet tracking works for any company that has a fleet and those without it are wasting time and money they should otherwise be enjoying.

Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking allows you to know exactly where your fleet is at precise moments. Real time tracking is most obviously used by tech savvy travel companies. Most people have used a rideshare program like Uber at this point in time. It’s a great example of real time gps tracking. Once you order your car and it’s accepted, you can see exactly where the car is in relation to you. Why wait in the rain full of anticipation when you can hide inside and only come out when you need to? Real time tracking works the other way around as well. Uber is always tracking where their fleet is. This allows them to respond to potential issues of employee safety quickly and efficiently.