Keep Acid Reflux Under Control With These Suggestions

Many people use the term acid reflux and heartburn interchangeably. In the end, that’s alright, since most people are more concerned with the pain they are undergoing rather than the exact name of the disease. In reality, heartburn is merely one of the painful symptoms people are dealing with.

People with acid reflux find themselves suffering from the constant chest pain while they are regurgitating acid into their throat area. They may also suffer from burning, hiccups and a feeling that food won’t go down their throat. It’s all very uncomfortable and can become a chronic problem. However, it’s possible to do what you can to keep Acid Reflux under control. It takes knowledge and some reasonable actions.

Common Types and Causes of Acid Reflux

As mentioned before, there are multiple things that are referred to as acid reflux. Here’s an easy way to break down the three main things that people consider acid reflux.

  • Heartburn - Heartburn is intended to refer to a single symptom. It’s the pain and pressure that comes from the esophagus. Many believe it’s the stomach, but it’s actually acid and other things pushing back up. In severe moments, some people have actually gotten it confused with a heart attack. This is typically caused by eating habits. Specific foods can cause heartburn, as can snacking too close to going to sleep.
  • Acid Reflux - Heartburn is one of the symptoms of acid reflux. As mentioned earlier, there are also other symptoms. Specifically, acid reflux is caused by the muscle that connects the esophagus and stomach (lower esophageal sphincter). It doesn’t properly tighten to keep stomach contents where it belongs and Acid Reflux is the result. In addition to the causes mentioned for heartburn, acid reflux tends to be caused as being overweight or smoking. Pregnant women also suffer from Acid Reflux.
  • GERD - When Acid Reflux becomes a serious problem, it is likely going to be diagnosed as GERD. This is the chronic form, where people are constantly dealing with the issues that Acid Reflux present. GERD is caused by the same things as Acid Reflux, but is especially exacerbated by eating really large meals and then lying on your back in some fashion. This is taking a weak sphincter muscle and putting it in a terrible position.

Important Facts To Know

There are many important facts that people should know to deal with their acid reflux. Knowledge is strength when it comes to issues like these afterall. Here are some of the important factors for Acid Reflux:

  • Over the counter remedies are widely available. Many of these are used to provide temporary relief. It’s available in powder, pill or liquid form.
  • Smoking can be a major issue with Acid Reflux. Quitting smoking can make the issues far less severe.
  • Sleeping can cause problems. By laying on a person’s back, it can severely increase the issues with acid reflux. This is simply because of the angle of the body and the esophagus. This means that it’s important to not eat within a couple of hours of sleeping if you are prone to acid reflux.
  • In addition to not eating, sleepers should try to raise their head somewhat at night. Just 5 to 6 inches will make a big difference.
  • Many drinks can cause problems. Some of the most popular and common beverages will make Acid Reflux a serious problem. Coffee and tea are known agitators. But so are sodas and alcohol. Almost anything with flavor it seems. Moderation of these drinks is key.
  • Naps should be completed in a chair. If you’re a napper, then you want to be sitting upright as you nap as often as possible.
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