Windows are an integral part of every home. For years, the only way to both prevent people from looking in and block outside light was to use blinds or curtains that you had to operate by hand. Things have changed recently, however. Today, there are a number of options available to you, including remote control drapes and blinds, solar powered drapes, window sensors, and smart windows, all of which are featured in this section.

Product Evolution


Solar drapes

Curtains and drapes have been around for thousands of years, with evidence of window coverings dating back as far back as Ancient Rome. These products, however, are relatively new inventions and have only been created in the last few decades. Like most inventions in the modern age, these products have been created to make life easier and more convenient. Instead of constantly having to get up to adjust your curtains according to the time of the day, you can now control them via a remote or your smartphone. Smart windows can also be controlled on your smartphone. The evolution of window sensors has also helped improve home security. Sensors can help you to detect when a window is open and also allow you to close windows remotely.


There are many benefits associated with these products. One of the biggest benefits is that they help you save money. Many people leave their curtains open because they don’t feel like getting up to close them. This can allow heat to escape during the winter, meaning you use more energy heating your home.

electric roller shutter

Remote blinds

Solar powered curtains, however, keep the heat in your house, meaning you don’t need to use as much. They also reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your home cooler in the summer.