A washing machine is an appliance used to wash laundry, for instance sheets, clothing, and other textiles. It works in tandem with a clothes dryer, which is an appliance that is used to remove moisture from clothes once they have been washed. People often run their clothes through the washing machine and then immediately place them in the dryer. Because they work together, washing machines and dryers are often sold together as a package. While some people still choose to wash or dry their clothes by hand, washers and dryers have streamlined the process, making it much less work to do laundry.

Washing machine and dryer

Washing machine and dryer

Products Available

If you are looking for quiet machines, you can’t go wrong with the Kenmore set, which consists of the Kenmore Elite (Product Code: 81073) electric dryer and Kenmore Elite (Product Code: 41073) front-loading washer. The washer can hold 26 pounds of laundry and the dryer also has a large capacity. Both machines allow you to transmit data via smartphone. The Samsung (Product Code: WF56H9100AG) washing machine works beautifully with the Samsung (Product Code: DV56H9100EG) electric dryer. Each machine is fairly wide, but they can be stacked on top of each other to save space in your laundry room. For those willing to spend a little bit more, the Maytag pair offers impressive washing and drying capabilities. The washer isn’t that gentle on fabrics, which is the case with most top-loaders, but the dryer is incredibly impressive and is relatively quiet compared to the majority of dryers. According to Reviewed.com, the LG (Product Code: WM8000HVA) is the best washer of the 2014 while the Electrolux (Product Code: EWMED70JIW) is the best dryer for the third year in a row. The Electrolux dryer is incredibly versatile, working well on large comforters and delicate fabrics alike. It also comes with extra features like custom cycles for fluffing up pet beds, drying jeans, or sanitizing clothes. The washer has a 48-minute normal cycle and excels at removing stains. Both models are highly energy efficient.

Pros & Cons

One problem when it comes to buying a washer and dryer is storage space. Many people have tiny laundry rooms, and thus choose to buy washers and dryers that can be stacked on top of each other. One of the main advantages when it comes to stacking the washer and dryer is space control. Unfortunately, although they take up fewer square feet, they do not allow for upper cabinets, which limits the amount of storage space you have. When you place a washer and dryer side-by-side, you lose some room horizontally but you gain counter space which is perfect for storing detergent or folding laundry. Stacking the dryer can also cause it to be too high for some people, which can be a problem when it comes to adding or removing clothes.

Price Range

Generally, you should expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,000 for a washer-dryer set. Individually, models are usually less than $1,000. The LG (Product Code: WT5680HVA) washer and LG (Product Code:DLEX5680V) dryer, for example, come in around $900 each. For those with a little extra money, the Whirlpool pair offers exceptional performance, although they cost approximately $3,000 combined. If you are working on a budget, try there Kenmore (Product Code: 27102) washer and Kenmore (Product Code: 67102) dryer. They cost around $600 each, meaning you can get both a washer and dryer for less than the price of one Whirlpool model.