Timers are devices that automatically turn appliances and lights off, saving you energy and money. They also add an extra element of security to your home. There are several different types of timers. Sprinkler timers, for example, can be used to program your sprinkler system to water your lawn at certain hours, such as early in the morning. You can also use a timer to turn on a space heater in your room or bathroom each morning before you get out of bed. There are also motion detector timers, which sense motion and have a light turn on if motion is detected.

Products Available

There are many different styles and brands of timer, which can make it difficult when it comes time to purchase one for your home or office. The Hydrofarm TMO1715D is one of the more popular timers. It can turn your lights on and off up to 8 times in one day, and comes with a battery backup system that ensures it works even if you have a power outage. Each event can be set for every day of the week or any one day of the week, or a series of days. You can also set it on random, which is perfect if you are on vacation but want to make it seem like people are still in your house. Honeywell also manufactures a 7-day programmable timer. It can be programmed for up to 7 on and 7 off times throughout the week and also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. It can double as a regular on/off switch, and reviewers praised how easy it is to install. If you are looking for a timer to control your outdoor lights, you can’t go wrong with the Woods 2001 Outdoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer with Light Sensor. It comes equipped with photocells that detect when it is dusk and automatically turns on your lights. You are given a range of options for when you want the lights to turn off: at dawn, 2 hours after dusk, 4 hours after dusk, and so on. It has a weatherproof design and works perfectly for holiday decorations, patio lighting, and yard lighting.

Pros & Cons

There are several obvious advantages to owning timers. Obviously, it is incredibly convenient because you do not need to turn on the lights yourself. This is particularly true of outdoor lights, which can be a pain to turn on and off. You can also use your timer for interior appliances, like heaters, and set them to turn on just before you wake up in the morning so your room is nice and warm. They are also perfect if you are going on vacation for several days but want to make sure it appears that people are still home.

Price Range

The best part about timers is that they are incredibly cheap. You can find the Hydrofarm, Honeywell, and Woods models for under $20. They are likely slightly more expensive from retailers, but are still extremely affordable. If you have some extra money to spend, you may be able to pay a little bit more for a timer with bonus features, although regular timers work just fine and should be everything you need and then some.