A swimming pool is a man-made basin that can be filled with water for recreational activities like swimming. A pool can be built either in-ground or above ground, and can be constructed from various materials including fiberglass, plastic, metal, or concrete. Pools come in various shapes, with rectangle, oval, and kidney shapes being the most common. While many health and fitness centers have pools, many people build pools in their backyard. This allows them to enjoy the cool water during the hot summer months without having to travel to a beach or public facility.

Products Available

Many different companies manufacture swimming pools. Hayward has been in operation for over 80-years and provides pools for people all over the globe. They are renowned for their energy efficient products which can help to save you money. If you want an above-ground pool, you can’t go wrong with Garden Leisure. They have many different pools for a number of tastes and their pools are made of steel. Their Nova STR-RTR model, in particular, has received excellent reviews. Seaspray also manufactures above ground pools, using both steel and resin for their structure. They have a variety of different models, including the Ponderosa, the Matrix, and the Evolution. If you would prefer to go with an in-ground model, you may want to try Mermaid pools. They produce a number of different types, including polymer in-ground pools, steel in-ground pools, and custom in-ground pools. They also manufacture a semi in-ground pool. These are perfect if your yard has a steep grade, because half of the pool will be in-ground, while the other half will be above the ground or built into a deck.

Pros & Cons

There are several advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a pool. A pool can be a blessing during a hot summer day. You can simply put on your swimsuit, open your patio door to the backyard, and walk a few short steps to cool off in your pool. Pools are also great for people with families, because they can be your go-to spot in the summer. They are incredibly convenient-you can enjoy a swim without having to share the space with other people as you would in a public pool. You also don’t need to pack the whole family into the car and take a day trip to a beach. Pools are extremely expensive to install, however, and while they sometimes add value to your home, in some cases they detract value if they are not properly maintained. You also have to factor in additional costs, including fencing, expanded deck space, and a heater. If you think you are only going to use the pool a few times a year or you would prefer to spend your money on travelling in the summertime, a pool may not be worth the investment. You also have to do a lot of research to find someone who can both build your pool according to your preferences and install it correctly. The last thing you want is to spend additional money repairing a pool that was not installed properly.

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Price Range

Swimming pools can be a very pricey investment, so it is important to do some research and shop around before you make a purchase. If you want to install a fiberglass pool, you should expect to pay somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000, depending on the size of the pool and any other services you wish to add. Vinyl liner pools, on the other hand, are very popular because of their low initial cost. If you want to build your own vinyl liner pool, you can probably do so for less than $20,000.