A kitchen stove, also called an oven, cooker, or range, is an appliance that is designed to cook food. The stove relies on direct heat to cook the food and typically contains an oven which can be used for baking. The most basic design of kitchen stove is the fuel-burning stove, although modern kitchen stoves are beginning to use alternative methods, including electric and natural gas. Both types are safe and effective, and deciding what you want comes down to personal preference.

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The whole point of having a kitchen is to cook in it, but if you don’t pick the right stove, you can affect the cooking process in a negative way. According to Reviewed.com, the best gas stove of 2014 was a Frigidaire model (Product Code: FGGF3054MF). It is relatively cheap compared to other similar models, and has many different features, including a temperature probe, convection settings, and give burners. The Kenmore Elite (Product Code: 75232) also scored very high. It is extremely similar to the Frigidaire model, although it is slightly more expensive. It has streamlined handles, and performs exceptionally well on broiling, boiling, and baking tests. If you are shopping with a budget, you may want to try the Amana model (Product Code: AGR5630BDW). While it isn’t the cheapest stove on the market, it is certainly affordable, and offers exceptional cooking performance. It is also stuffed with features, including a broiler inside the oven cavity, a storage drawer beneath its five cubic foot chamber, and a self-cleaning option. If you prefer an electric range to a gas range, try the LG model (Product Code: LDE3037ST), which was one of the best-rated electric stoves of 2014. If you are more interested in induction cooktops, try the GE Profile (Product Code: PHS920SFSS). It has a superb oven combined with responsive temperature control and fast boiling. It also performed exceptionally well on the broiler and preheating tests.


Electric oven

Electric oven

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With all the different brands and manufacturers of stoves, it can be difficult to decide whether you want to buy an electric or gas stove, not to mention trying to choose a particular brand. Electric ranges tend to be less expensive and simply need to be plugged into the wall. They are also easy to clean and offer a more stable surface for pots. They tend to be slower to cool, however, and if your power goes out, you will be stuck without a stove. Gas ranges, on the other hand, are easier to gauge and allow you to adjust the heat levels precisely. While they tend to cost more initially than electric stoves, they are less expensive to operate because natural gas is less expensive. Gas stoves can be dangerous, though. It is important to make sure that you always turn the gas off after using one of the burners.

Price Range

Kitchen stoves can range in price depending on the make and model you want to buy. The Kenmore Elite, for example, rings in around $1,000, which makes it one of the more expensive gas stove models. With that said, it is still cheaper than most electric stoves. The Frigidaire Gallery, for example, costs upwards of $1,800. If you are looking to save some money, you may want to go with the Amana gas stove, which costs less than $600, or the Whirpool electric stove, which costs less than $500.