A fireplace is a structure that is located inside your home and is designed to contain a fire. Historically, they were used to heat the home and even for cooking purposes. With the advent of central heating, it is no longer necessary to use a fire place or stove to heat a house. Today, fireplaces are popular because of the relaxing ambiance they create, as opposed to a practical purpose. There are three main types of fireplaces: real, gas, and electric. Real fireplaces require a chimney for the smoke to go through, while both gas and electric simply create the illusion of a fire without anything actually burning.

Products Available

If your home doesn’t come equipped with a built-in fireplace and you want to acquire one, you first need to decide if you want to build a real one or buy an imitation fireplace. If you think you want an electric fireplace, you can’t go wrong with Southern Enterprises Donovan. It is decorative and adds old-world charm to your home thanks to its Victorian-style. The mantel can support up to 75 pounds, making it a perfect base for a television. It also heats 200 square feet, meaning it can be used to provide supplemental heat in any room in your house or office. The LED flames can also be used independently from the heat, meaning you could turn it on during the summer months if you really wanted to. The Napoleon Slimline EFL48H is another popular electric model. It is much more modern than the Donovan, and can be wall-mounted in any room in your house. It also comes with a paintable cord cover, meaning you won’t have to worry about hiding the cord hanging down from the wall. It comes with both a touchscreen control panel and remote control that can be used to control the flame and heat intensity. If you have some money to spend, try the Dimplex Amsden OPTI-MYST. It uses water and lights to produce a flame instead of LED technology. It also comes with accompanying smoke, which is actually just mist from a water tank. It is essentially a real fireplace without all the emissions and hassle of having to collect wood and make a fire. It is also incredibly modern, and comes with a white rock ember bed. It comes with a detachable back, meaning it could be displayed in the middle of the room if you wanted it to.

Pros & Cons

It can be difficult to decide whether you should buy an electric or gas fireplace, or if you should build a real one into your house. Wood burning fireplaces give a cozy and romantic ambience, and can be useful in the case of power outages. Wood fireplaces don’t heat your home that well, however, because much of the heat escapes through the chimney, and it can be difficult to get a fire started. Gas fireplaces are popular because you can turn them on with a switch and they also provide sufficient heat. They are usually expensive, though, and you don’t get the experience of real wood burning. Electric fireplaces are cheaper than both gas and real fireplaces, and can be moved from room to room at any time. They do not provide a lot of heat, though, and can be difficult to assemble at first.

Price Range

In general, you can expect to pay over $500 for a decent electric fireplace. The Southern Enterprises Donovan, for example, costs $524.99, while the Napoleon Slimline model costs $699.00. If you have some money to spend and are looking for a top of the line fireplace, the Dimplex Amsden OPTI-MYST costs $2,000, but is one of the most realistic and unique electric fireplaces on the market.