Wireless security cameras are becoming staples of home security systems, because they are a cheap way to have survey your entire property. You can install cameras all over your house or property, or in the areas that you wish to observe. For example, if you have a pool, you can install cameras outside during the summer months. This not only gives you extra security, it also gives you an extra pair of eyes, which can be important if you have kids who like to play in the pool. You can also install them in your driveway and around other areas of your property.

Products Available

A good home-monitoring camera should be inconspicuous but well-designed, easy to use, and easy to set up. The Dropcam Pro meets all of those criteria and then some. It has a 130-degree field of view that captures almost all of a room when positioned in the corner. You can set the camera to run on a certain schedule, or turn it on and off when you choose. You can also set alerts which will sound when the camera hears sound or detects motion, which makes this model perfect to use during the night. You can do all of these things from the mobile app, which can be convenient if you are not at home. You needn’t worry about false alarms, either, as the camera is able to detect humans over pets and shadows. If you want a similar model for a lower cost, try Arcsoft’s Simplicam. It uses almost all of Dropcam’s features, but offers facial recognition, which limits the number of false alarms even further. You don’t get as clear a view with the Simplicam, however, nor does it cover as much area with only 107 degrees. Still, if the extra view isn’t all that important to you, you can easily save $50 a year by going with the Simplicam over the Dropcam. If you are operating on a budget, try the Samsung Smartcam. While it involves a tedious setup and doesn’t offer the clearest picture, it is much cheaper than its competitors.

Wireless security camera

Wireless security camera

Pros & Cons

There are several advantages to installing security cameras around your home. For starters, it deters criminals. Cameras are extremely portable and you can install them wherever you like. If your house is invaded and you aren’t home, security cameras can help the police catch the person who did it, and you may be able to get your belongings back. At the very least, you have proof for the insurance company. There are some disadvantages, however. For starters, security cameras can cost hundreds of dollars. You also need to maintain the cameras. A dead security camera or one that doesn’t work properly is useless.

Price Range

Security cameras can be expensive, especially if you decide to purchase an upper-tier model. The Dropcam Pro, for example, is one of the best reviewed models on the market and costs approximately $200. You then need to sign-up to a recording service, which can cost up to $300 a year. The Simplicam is a bit cheaper, costing only $50 a year.