If you’re a single father, you may be wondering where to find positive role models for your daughter. Girls who grow up without mothers need examples in their lives of strong, confident women. They also need women that they can turn to when they want to discuss something they may not be comfortable discussing with their fathers. As much as you can be there for your daughter, there are some things that she needs to learn from seeing women she can look up. The following are just some of the places you can look to help your daughter find women who inspire her.


Grandmothers, while they cannot replace the role of a mother, can offer support and guidance to young women. They may have faced struggles that your daughter’s generation would never dream of and these stories are worthwhile. Although a grandmother may not be as active as a parent or younger female role model, grandmothers can spend valuable time with their granddaughters reading, watching old films, cooking, or walking outside. Grandmothers and granddaughters separated by distances can send letters or email to keep in touch. If you think that your daughter’s grandmother would make a good role model, encourage them to spend time together.

Other Female Relatives

As a single man raising a child, you need to lean on family members for support. Your daughter’s older half-siblings or step-sisters, aunts, and cousins can be her role models, too. If they live in the vicinity and are willing to spend time with her, great. Strong, confident women make the best role models. In addition, your daughter may seek someone she can talk to when going through her teenage years. A father can only provide so much.

Women in the Community

Female leaders in the community may be willing to help serve as positive examples for your daughter as well. These include coaches and Girl Scout leaders. Organized sports and clubs offer great opportunities for your daughter to spend time with both girls her age and older women in leadership roles. Weekly meetings also offer opportunities for one-on-one time between your daughter and a coach or Girl Guide. The more women you can surround your daughter with, the better. If your daughter doesn’t have the opportunity to participate in sports or clubs, talk to the mother of one of her friends to let her know that you hope she can be a role model.

School Teachers and Church Leaders

Most of the teachers your daughter will have in elementary school will be women. Many teachers also volunteer to coach school sports teams, lead after-school clubs and activities, or even mentor students one-on-one. Investigating these options for your daughter is a good idea. In addition to the time your daughter will spend in the classroom with her teachers, she can learn through special attention from women in the education system. Members of your church or parish can serve a similar role. If you go to church regularly, get your daughter involved in a youth group or young women’s group to help her find role models.