Books offer children and young people the opportunity to truly understand and relate to a positive role model. While real-life role historical role models are inspiring, books allow kids to get closer to a character by giving them access to that character’s thoughts. When it comes to promoting positive female role models for girls, strong heroines that they can also relate to can have a positive effect. The same goes for boys-in order to help boys learn how to treat women with kindness and respect, it’s crucial to expose them to stories that feature both strong female characters and male characters that respect women. Read on to find out why books with strong role models are good for your young readers.

Books and Boys

Boys are far less likely to enjoy reading or engage in reading often than girls. As a result, they are may look up to male heroes in video games, films, and televisions shows. What they end up seeing in the media is a traditional “boys will be boys” or “boys don’t cry” mentality. However, part of the problem related to boys and reading is that young boys with a lot of energy may find reading novels boring. If your son has never truly given reading a try, it may be because he hasn’t read a book with a protagonist that he can relate to. Do some research before taking your son to the library to find a list of books appropriate for your son’s age, background, and interests. Secondly, if your son has difficulty reading novels, you may want to try exposing him to different types of stories. Graphic novels are a great way to both help your son to read more and expose him to characters he can look up to.

Books and Girls

Characters in books for girls are all too often pink-clad princesses as opposed to strong, intelligent heroines. In addition, male characters and protagonists sorely outnumber female protagonist in children’s picture books. Booksellers claim that this is due to the fact that girls are willing to read about boy characters, but the reverse is not true. The unfortunate reality is that this tendency limits the role models that girls have access to. If you want to make sure that your daughter is reading books that feature strong female heroines, do some research on books that suit her ability and interests. It’s possible to find lists of books according to theme and subject matter, as well as detailed descriptions online. Girls need to be exposed to more than just princesses when they read.

Books are a great way to introduce your child to positive role models. Our sons and daughters need to be exposed to protagonists who go against traditional gender norms. Male characters can be both strong and sensitive, while female characters can be both feminine and intelligent. You can find books that will interest and inspire your son or daughter at your local library. Talk to a librarian or go online to research books with strong heroes and heroines.