How To Get Deals On These Exciting 2019 Chevrolets

General Motors has gone over-the-top in the manufacturing of their 2019 Chevrolets, with the production of a variety of models that are sure to appeal and meet the automobile need of car buyers everywhere. There are makes and models with many options to satisfy the car taste palate of those who are in the car buying market. Whether the need be for sporty speed, economy, family, electric, or hauling, To help those with their car buying homework, a breakdown of information regarding make, model, options, and highlights are provided to help with the narrowing down of choice.

Finding a deal can be tricky with Chevrolet. It’s good to look out for local dealership sales and subscribe to their email lists. Large national sales can also be great for finding a great price on a Chevrolet vehicle. A strange cross promotion allows Costco members to get a discount on 2019 SUV models. This kind of cross promotion is only more likely to continue between automotive brands and retailers. Chevrolet national sales occur throughout the year. Their Winter Sales Event for example runs throughout the winter months and tends to feature reduced prices on leases. Great cars can be had for good prices.

1 - Spark

The Spark is a subcompact car with a hatchback. The MSRP starts at $13,220. The MPG is up to 30 in the city and 38 highway. Features are Apple CarPlay, 4G LTE in car WiFi, and advanced safety features to include 10 airbags. There are build and price options to personalize your Spark, not only for personal taste, but for personal budget. Color options include Caribbean Blue Metallic, Red Hot, Orange Burnt Metallic, and more vibrant colors to choose from.

2 - Sonic

The Chevy Sonic is a subcompact car that is available as a sedan or a hatchback. The MSRP starts at $15,420. The MPG is up to 27 in the city and 38 highway. It features technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Sonic is an affordable, fuel efficient subcompact that won't break the bank.

3 - Cruze

The Cruze is a compact car whose MSRP starts at $17,995. MPG gets up to 31 in the city and 48 highway. The Cruze can be purchased as a sedan or a hatchback. It sports a new grille and front fascia. It's standard features consist of a turbo engine, a rear vision camera, and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The Cruze also has a diesel option. Though sporty in body style it is both efficient in fuel and pricing.

4 - Camaro

The Chevy Camaro is a sports car that has four available powertrains. The MSRP starts at $25,000. and the MPG is up to 22 in the city and 31 highway. It is available as a coupe or a convertible and also features voice activated controls and magnetic ride control. If you have a need for speed, the horsepower options, depending on model, ranges from 275 to 650. The Camaro ZL1 powers up to 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. It comes equipped with a new sculpted hood, new bolder looking grille, and new LED headlamps that outshine all the sports car competitors. Getting a deal on the Camaro can be tricky. It’s best to pay attention to large GM sales.

5 - Corvette ZR1

The Corvette ZR1 is Chevrolet's luxury vehicle supercar. The MSRP starts at $120,900. and the MPG is 13 in the city and 19 highway. It has a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine with 755 horsepower. It has a top track speed of 212 mph and can reach 0-60 in 2.85 seconds. Performance is the sole purpose of the Camaro ZR1 and that is why it was chosen as the 2019 Road and Track Performance Car of the Year.

6 - Malibu

The redesigned Chevy Malibu is a family-friendly, mid-size car that is also available as a hybrid. The MSRP starts at $22,090. and the MPG is up to 29 in the city and 36 highway. The Malibu received a makeover with redesigned front and rear fascia, a new grille, and new headlamps. It has technology features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is equipped with Teen Driver features and safety features such as 10 standard airbags, rear vision camera, and StabiliTrak.

7 - Equinox

The Equinox is a compact sport utility crossover vehicle that has a diesel option. The MSRP is $23,800. and the MPG is up to 28 in the city and 39 highway. It has a 63.9 cubic foot maximum cargo volume and has the availability of switchable AWD. It also has a NHTSA 5-star safety rating.

8 - Silverado

The Chevy Silverado pickup is a light duty truck. The MSRP starts at $28,300. and the MPG is up to 20 in the city and 23 highway. The towing capacity is 6700 to 9900 lbs., depending on model, and has a payload of 1,745 to 2543 lbs. The truck also features an in vehicle trailering system. The Silverado has a long-lasting reputation of dependability and reliability.