The Sony W800/B represents one of the highest resolution point and shoot still-shot digital cameras on the market. Packed with user-friendly features and an attractive price point, its near full-frame Super HAD CCD sensor captures is the closest thing price-conscious consumers will come to actual film quality. Features With a sleek design and an affordable price tag, the Sony W800/B boasts a 20.1- megapixel CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom. The camera captures HD video in 720p. In addition to a user-friendly “easy mode,” the W800 also takes panoramic shots and boasts photo-editing and filters that can be used on its nicely-sized 2.7 inch LCD display. With a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the W800 eliminates the need for pricey and problematic battery replacements. Gone are the days of trying to juggle a battery and an impatiently smiling group of vacationers.

Primary Market

Ideal for the novice photographer or users on a budget, the W800/B offers good performance for under $100. The W800/B provides all the essential features of a digital camera at a price point that will appeal to consumers who are interested in buying a good camera at a good price.

The Facts

sony-digital-camera-heldThe size and slim design make the W800/B a convenient, portable camera. It fits easily into a pocket or purse, making it a handy camera for impromptu photos. While disabling some features, the camera’s “easy mode” takes the guesswork out of photography. Casual users can point and shoot with confidence. The W800/B provides good photo editing features. Editing can be done easily, and photo enhancements-filters, black and white, etc.-add fun, variety, and personal flair to photo composition. The W800/B performs well in good light but photos suffer noticeably in dim conditions, and panoramic shots yield softness at the edges of the frame. Shutter-speed suffers in low-light conditions, causing a delay of several seconds after the camera auto-focuses. Finally, the camera’s case is plastic-though, admittedly, plastic stylishly fashioned to approximate brushed metal-and vulnerable to dings and scratches.

Additional Considerations

The Sony W800/B offers the kind of affordability and functionality that appeals to casual photographers. Users interested in high-end performance will need to look elsewhere, as the W800/B offers features that are commensurate with its price point.

The ubiquity of smartphones, coupled with increasing technology in their cameras, forces the consumer to question whether a digital camera is a necessary purchase. Current smartphones offer quality similar to the Sony W800/B, so it may be hard to justify the need for another piece of digital technology. However, the price of the W800/B is affordable enough to settle the argument for the casual user who is not dependent on a smartphone for capturing images. The shutterbug with an eye for image distortion or slight pixilation and a jones for zoom lenses or advanced camera features will want to look elsewhere.

Overall, the Sony W800/B combines ease of use with affordability to provide a good camera to the average user.

Sony W800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera
PortabilityEasy mode is perfect for casual photographers.Many photo enhancement options.
Poor photo quality in dim light.Shutter lag in dim light.Plastic exterior makes it less durable.
3.5Overall Score