In today’s society, there are more chances for women in the workforce than ever before. Between childcare concerns and lack of experience, however, going back to work can be a difficult decision to make. It can be even harder to know where to start. Luckily, there are many different career opportunities available for mothers, whether they have experience or not. The most important thing is knowing where to start.

Career Choices

Before you look at any career possibilities, you need to determine the skills you have, as well as your various interests. The last thing you want to do is pick a career that you are not interested in. In today’s age of the internet, there are more and more opportunities to work from home. This can be an ideal career choice for moms, who may still have children at home. One of the most popular work-from-home job categories is customer service. If you are able to speak another language, you will likely get hired on the spot. Large companies like Coca-Cola and JetBlue are constantly hiring telecommuting customer service reps. Customer service reps work 24/7, so you can likely pick a period of the day that suits your personal needs. If you have excellent attention to detail, you may be perfect for a data entry position. This involves sitting at a computer and inputting various data. There are usually long-term and short-term data entry jobs, so you may be able to try one out before you commit to making a career of it. To find a work-at-home job, you should start by looking at regular job posting websites, such as Workopolis or Monster. While this may some overwhelming at first, you can usually filter these sites to find exactly what you need. If you have skills such as writing, photography, or web design, you may want to look for freelance positions. This is a great way to earn money without being tied down to a certain position or company. There are numerous freelancer websites available, and you can often use filters on job websites to help find freelance positions.

Modifying Your Job Role

As a mother, especially if you have young children, flexibility is extremely important. This is why working from home can be a great option, especially if it is freelance work. This means you don’t have strict hours. Thus, if a situation comes up where you need to be with your children, you have the flexibility to do so. There are other ways to modify your job than by changing your hours, however. It is important to find meaning in your work. If your position involves menial tasks, or you have a job that is emotionally taxing, always ensure that you are doing something that affects society in a positive way. If you are working from home, you may find it incredibly boring to work in your office room all day. If it is a nice day out, try working outside on the deck. If you have some free time because the kids are at school, go to a Starbucks or café to do your work. This will help keep things interesting and will prevent you from getting in a rut, which can ruin job satisfaction and personal morale. Lastly, always keep your options open. This is why freelance work is ideal, because you have the ability to change what you are doing incredibly easily.