Summer holidays are a time that all kids look forward to, but many parents dread. If your kids are too young to work, you may be stuck with a household full of bored kids during an extended period of time. How do you keep them entertained without going crazy? As long as you mix in a variety of activities, have a specific schedule, and keep their brains stimulated, you should have no problem making it through the summer holidays.

Set A Schedule

The first thing you need to do is set a schedule. Establishing a daily set of routines will help create order in your household and should help keep your kids under control. To start, make a list of everything that needs to be done. This can be on either a daily or weekly basis (or both). Give yourself some flexibility; for example, mowing the lawn could be a weekly routine, but you don’t need to confine yourself to a certain hour or day. Keep your list of chores reasonable, and limit it to things that need to be done. If you have time, you can attempt to accomplish other things. Once you have the list completed, decide who is responsible for each activity or chore. Use a calendar and keep the schedule on the fridge or wall in the kitchen, so it is in plain sight and easy to access. If you have younger children, they may need additional guidance and assistance. Lastly, adapt as necessary. If the schedule isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to change it.

Assign Chores

Having the children home during summer holidays can cause the house to become a mess. Dirty dishes, clothes on the floor, and toys everywhere are just some of the many messes that may pollute your household. Luckily, having the kids home also means you have many extra hands to assist you with daily chores. In order to successfully accomplish this, however, you need to have various rewards. Let’s face it – kids do not want to clean. If they have the chance of being rewarded, however, they can certainly be persuaded to do so. For example, you may want the basement tidied up. You could get a time goal of 10 minutes – if they are able to clean the basement in less than 10 minutes, they get a reward. This is a great way to encourage teamwork and co-operation while also getting your kids to help out around the house.

Plan Day Trips

One of the best ways to keep the kids entertained is to organize day trips. This will get them out of the house, meaning they are less likely to make a mess, and should wear them out so they get to sleep earlier than usual. It is important to plan ahead when organizing a day trip, however. For starters, figure out where you want to go, and what your price range is. If you want to go to an amusement park, you want to make sure you can afford tickets for everyone. If you are going on a nature walk or to a park, make sure that you and your kids have appropriate clothing. You may also want to bring food and drinks, as kids tend to get hungry quickly, especially when they are exerting energy.