A family vacation is a great way to spend quality time together as a family while also having some fun at the same time. Years later, you will be able to look back with your kids and partner at pictures from your vacation, and remember how much fun you had. It creates a nostalgic feeling that cannot be replaced. Planning a family vacation can be difficult, however. You have to factor in what time of year you are going, where you want to go, how much it will cost, and many other factors. Luckily, there are several sites that help you plan a vacation.


The Family Travel Files is one of the most popular vacation planner sites out there. It gives you a list of the best vacation places by location, such as the United States, Europe, and South America. It also gives you a list of travel activity ideas, which can be great if you wanted to go on a skiing holiday, but aren’t sure where to go. One of the best features of the site, however, is the “Travel by Age” category, which breaks down the best vacations depending on how old your kids are.


Trip Advisor is another great website to help plan family vacations. You can filter search results by “best family friendly holidays”, and then include a specific location (if you wanted to travel in the United States, for example). Trip Advisor also allows you to book flights, hotels, and rental cars, and usually gives you a deal if you combine all three into a larger package. It also gives you information on restaurants, and provides user reviews of pretty much everything.


Another popular family vacation planning site is Family Vacation Critic. This site offers information on the best destinations and resorts for families. It also publishes Top 10 lists, such as Top 10 Spring Break Spots for Families, and so on. On the right side, it allows you to find your family vacation by inserting a type of vacation (such as beach or skiing), a destination (anywhere in the United States), and the ages of your kids. This site also offers planning tips and has forums for users to post feedback on various vacation destinations.


family-vacation-2While Transat Holidays is more of a traditional vacation planning website, offering flight and cruise deals, it does allow you to narrow down your search by traveller type, which includes a “Family” option. Here, it offers information on various family friendly hotels, looking for features such as pools, adjoining rooms, and other forms of entertainment for children. It also allows you to refine your search depending on how old your kids are, and how many kids you have. For example, it provides destinations that teenagers might enjoy, or ones that may be better suited for younger children. It also gives information on destinations that are perfect for larger families, and ideal accommodation options. This website also allows you to book flights, and sometimes offers deals on accommodation and rental cars if you book everything at once, which can help you save money.