When we have family, social, and work obligations, it is very easy to become overcommitted. While the invention of new technology has helped us stay more connected, it has made it possible to become much more high-strung, due to all the commitments we may have. Some commitments, such as dealing with sick children, are almost impossible to control. When they arise, you have to take care of them. Others, however, like household projects or pointless work meetings, are within your control. It is important to learn to say “no”, especially at work. It is much better to decline a commitment as opposed to backing out of one you already agreed to.

Learn to Say No

The first thing you need to do to avoid becoming overcommitted is to say “no”. If you find yourself saying yes to all obligations, you will become stressed and overcommitted in a hurry. While your sense of duty or loyalty may cause you to take on a lot of obligations, you will become drained and worn out if you take on to many, making you almost useless. Instead, if you pick and choose your commitments, allowing you to devote all of your energy and focus to one at a time, you will be a much bigger help. Thus, it is important to learn to say no. While this can seem intimidating, with practice, you’ll be able to do so in no time.

Ultimately, you need to set other’s people’s feelings aside, and do what is best for yourself. Of course, this may change based on who’s asking. For example, Mischievous Little Girlsif you are feeling tired one weekend, and your parents ask you to help them move, it would be a good idea to go and help them out. If someone asks you to cover their shift at work after you have already worked for 8 hours, however, you do not owe them anything. You also don’t need to lie; instead, simply be honest. Tell them you have other commitments or that you are worn out and need a break. It is far better to be honest with someone straight up than to lie to them.

Schedule At-home Vacation Days

Avoiding taking on multiple obligations at once is not enough to prevent over-committing from occurring, however. Our home commitments and work commitments can become overwhelming as well. Sometimes, we just need to unwind and take a personal day. That is Mother using telephone in living room with baby frowningwhy most jobs give you vacation time. If you do not plan on going on a week long vacation, you should use up your time by taking personal days. Stay at home and watch a movie, rest in bed, or get caught up on work or other personal goals, such as housework. While we aren’t suggesting that you call in sick once a week, taking a personal day here and there can help you reset and feel revitalized. If you find yourself overcommitted, especially with work assignments, taking a day off can allow you to get caught up on your own time, which can also be a huge benefit.