Understanding Online Education

The internet has given people the opportunity to enrich their lives through education in so many new ways. Where once education was only available physically to the public domain, now anyone can get the education they want to get by going online. Online Universities have greatly  increased in volume and in quality. So whether you’re looking to get your degree

Associate Degree

Associate degrees are the first level of post-secondary education that you can received. These degrees often are very specific in their nature and have specific careers in mind. Associate degrees don’t require the time sacrifices that a lot of other degree levels need. An associate degree is usually finished in two years, but since you’re working on the degree online, you can set your own pace! This is really the biggest advantage of online education. Getting to setup your own schedule means you can either devote all of your time, go part time, or try to finish classes of interest over a long term plan.

Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s degree is the standard 4 year degree that most people consider a College or University degree. Bachelor’s degrees make up the majority of post secondary education. After obtaining one, most people will then turn to the work force to look for their forever job. A Bachelor’s degree allows people to gain a pretty thorough understanding of their field of study as well as several complementary fields. This more rounded field of study can come in handy for someone who may wish to change careers easily throughout their life. Almost every Bachelor’s degree can be completed online. Some will require trips to a physical campus in order to complete laboratory or hands on work however.

Master’s Degree

This is where Academia really starts to take over. A Master’s degree is indicating just what it sounds like, mastery of a field. A Master’s degree will usually take 6 to 7 years total. Since a lot of Master’s work is often research, you can complete a lot of that portion online. The best part about pursuing a Master’s degree online is once again that you can work around your own schedule. Since it usually takes 4 to 6 semesters worth of work to complete, you can portion it out however you like. Additionally Master’s degrees are often completed well after a Bachelor’s degree has been completed. This means that you don’t have to quit your current job to do the degree. Master’s degrees can sometimes be a passion project of people who have finished their Bachelor’s degree and want to complete a new challenge.

Doctorate Degree

The Doctorate Degree or Ph.D is the hardest degree to complete online. This degree requires the student to have already completed their Master’s degree. A doctorate degree will usually require a thesis and getting published in an academic journal. Not all portions of a doctorate degree can be completed online, but much of the classwork can. This is because a lot of doctorate degree work is independent. However it’s likely that to finish your doctorate degree you are going to have to do some in person work in addition to your online studies.